This is your university.
This is our university.
This is Augusta University.

When you support IGIVE, you’re ensuring our great progress continues. IGIVE is the chance for all employees, alumni, students, patients and the community to support the place that gives back and enriches our lives all year long.

When you support Augusta University with your generosity, you’re giving directly to the programs, colleges, and initiatives that mean the most to you. A strong and bright future for our organization and our community starts with you.

Give to Make a Difference

When you make a gift to Augusta University it truly makes a difference in the lives of our students, faculty and patients. Whether you’re supporting a particular program, scholarship, research or clinic, your contributions ensure the quality of education and patient care that sustains our reputation for excellence. Not only are you helping us grow, but your gifts inspire others to give as well. Together we can make a difference!

Give to Leave a Legacy

You have the opportunity to leave a lasting legacy at Augusta University through our giving societies and naming opportunity programs. Often times the most lasting impression we can leave is the capacity in which we share with others and the generosity by which we provide for future generations.

Give to Tell Your Story

Giving to Augusta University is a way to tell your story. Whether you’re passionate about helping students travel the world, about giving our athletes the best equipment to train on or you want to share the connections you made as a patient or a loved-one of a patient, your stories inspire us and the community.

Why Give.
Mark Your Calendar.

Employee Campaign Kickoffs

August 8

11:30 a.m.- 1:30 p.m.

Health Sciences Bldg. Lobby & Annex I &
Education Commons Lobby

August 14

10:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.

Summerville Campus Grove

August 22

11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.

CHOG Outdoor FountainTerrace Green

Campaign Events


IGIVE Community Campaign Kickoff Luncheon
(Invitation Only)


Eat for Augusta U

Dine out at participating locations on Thursday, September 28, as a way to give back to a place they work and support. For a list of participating restaurants click here.


Augusta U Brew-N-Que.

Join us as we close the IGIVE campaign with BBQ, beer, live entertainment, fireworks and friends!

2017 IGIVE Campaign Chairpersons.

Contact Us.

Augusta University
Office of Advancement
1120 15th Street, FI-1000
Augusta, GA 30912

Email: Phone: 706-721-4001

Give to support our powerful, united organization and be part of the tradition.